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Free yourself from the daily pain of trying to draw matching eyebrows over your eyes. Throw your pencil away and let Permanent Cosmetic Eyebrows put your mind at ease. Let Pam Snyder make your eyebrows look fabulous. Using your existing eyebrow, great skill and care, Pam will give you the eyebrows you've always wanted. Following the natural contour of your brow bone Pam will blend your natural brow with Permanent Makeup to make you look your best.


Pam Snyders Permanent Makeup Eyeliner can give you great eyes twenty four hours a day. Enjoy an active lifestyle and still look great. Permanent Cosmetic Eyeliner is not just a solution for an active lifestyle, or ease in the morning. It is a solution for looking great for those that are allergic to traditional makeup, contact wearers, have poor vision, or unsteady hands. Pam will work with your natural features and eyelashes in giving you great eyes.
Permanent Cosmetics can enhance a well shaped lip as well as correct any asymmetry in the lips. Enjoy youthful looking lips all the time with permanent lip color by Pam Snyder. Enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee without having to reapply your lipstick. Permanent lipstick provides consistency and ease in getting ready. Always be ready to make a great first impression. Pam Snyders Permanent Makeup can help you Look Good, Feel Good, and Be Confident.
Pam Snyder is UpState South Carolina's premiere permanent makeup specialist. Pam is certified in micropigmentation and areola pigmentation. Pam has dedicated her life to helping ladies look and feel their best.