"I love waking up in the morning and already having my eyeliner on. It makes me feel like I'm halfway dressed."

Sonya H., Cosmetologist


"I am so happy I can go to the beach and my eyebrows are there at the end of the day. Before I'd get sweaty and they'd wipe off!!"

Wanda B., Real Estate Broker


"My brows look amazing! I still can't believe they won't rub off. I cant wait to get in the hot tub with all my friends."

Margurite B., Retired


"I love only having to apply lip gloss. It gives the appearance that I'm wearing lipstick."

Sterling S., Dentistry




Have you ever been in a situation where you wish you could have made a better first impression? I can make sure you are always ready to shine in those situations. Rest easy knowing you will always look your best.


Who Benefits from Permanent Makeup?


* Those who are actively involved in sports

* Busy people with little time to apply makeup

* People with allergies to conventional makeup

* Anyone who desires freedom from daily makeup application

* Those who are physically incapable of applying cosmetics

* People with oily skin who tend to shed makeup easily

* Burn survivors and people with flaws in their skin

* Those suffering from alopecia and vitiligo

* Men and women who seek correction of asymmetrical facial features.

* Men and women who wish to look their best all of the time!